2022 Insight: How to Grow Your Workshop in 2022

20 Jan 2022 Helpful Tips

And just like that it’s 2022! As we push further into January, it is so important that your Workshop has a clear plan in place for the year ahead.

We aren’t going to sugar coat it, in 2022 your Workshop will experience many highs and lows, but what will determine your success is the way that you plan and minimise the impacts that unforeseen challenges have on your Workshop.

Here are a few ways Australian Workshops Can Grow in 2022.

Set New Goals & KPIs for 2022

Sounds obvious right? but, many Australian Workshops still fall into the trap of continuing the same goals and KPIs from last year or even worse, don’t have goals or KPIs to begin with.

If your Workshop is one of the many businesses that continue the same goals from the previous year, you need to reassess. The problem with doing this is often businesses find themselves in the same position – no growth and no motivation.

To start 2022 off right, it is so important that you create new Goals and KPIs for the year ahead. Understand where you are now and where you want to be. The benefit of creating new goals and KPIs is your Workshop will have a renewed motivation to achieve something great.

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Complete a SWOT Analysis

At the beginning of the year your Workshop should complete a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is a detailed written report that highlights your Workshops Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

A SWOT analysis should be used as your Workshops foundation to base business decisions on throughout 2022.

As the Australian Auto Repair Industry continues to change, it is critical that your Workshop compiles a SWOT Analysis every year.

Here are a few examples of what your Workshops SWOT analysis should cover.


  • What are your Workshops strengths?
  • What are some things your Workshop does well?
  • What does your Workshop do better than the competition?


  • What are some of your Workshop’s weaknesses?
  • What areas of your Workshop need improvement?
  • What does your Workshop need help with?
  • What is impacting your Workshops success?


  • What are some of the opportunities available for your Workshop?
  • Is your Workshop ready to cater for Electric Vehicles?
  • Do you want to hire more mechanics?


  • What are the biggest threats to your Workshop?
  • What is your competition doing better than you?
  • Will Covid impact your Workshop’s operation?

Your Workshops SWOT analysis should indicate what your Workshop is doing well, what needs improvement, any opportunities for growth and any immediate threats to your success.

Performing a SWOT analysis should not be a time-consuming process, you should be able to complete one within a few hours.

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Understand your Workshops Financial Position

Before your Workshop pushes forward into 2022 it’s so important that you first understand your Workshops financial position.

Your Workshop needs to have the right amount of funds available that cover your overheads and put you in a position to grow. It is important that your Workshop also takes into consideration the unplanned events such Covid-enforced lockdowns.

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Understand your customer

To be successful in 2022, your Workshop MUST understand the customer. Find out how customers are finding their next mechanic, understand what type of cars the majority are driving and most importantly understand how much they are willing to spend on their next service or repair. Your pricing strategy can make or break the way your Workshop acquires customers.

The better your Workshop knows the intended customers – the more customers you will acquire, it’s that simple.

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Final Word,

2022 will present Workshops with many opportunities and challenges. Using the tips mentioned above your Workshop will go along way to having continued success throughout 2022.

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