5 Opportunities for Australian Workshops in 2022

23 Mar 2022 Helpful Tips


It’s an exciting time for the Australian Auto Repair Industry! Studies show that the industry is set to experience massive growth in the coming years. Every Workshop wants to increase profit and in 2022, there are some amazing opportunities available for your Workshop to capitalise on.

Here are the 5 Opportunities for Australian Workshops in 2022:

1. Electric Vehicle Services

Electric Vehicle sales are surging in Australia, arguably the biggest opportunity for Australian Workshops in 2022 is Electric Vehicle Services. As Electric Vehicle sales continue to grow, the demand for services and repair will only follow suit. To take advantage of the growth, Australian Workshops need to consider expanding their offering to accept Electric Vehicles.

Expanding your offering to include Electric Vehicles will open a brand-new revenue stream for your Workshop. Yes, you will need to invest in the correct training and tool requirements however, there may come a day when electric vehicles become the predominant vehicle type in Australia at some point in the future. If it’s not now, then when?

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2. Expanded Offering

Is your Workshop only focused on Car Servicing and Repair? A great opportunity available to Australian Workshops is an expanded service offering. To maximise growth, businesses need to cater for a larger portion of the market. To do this you may need to expand your offering to include motorcycles, trucks, and electric vehicles.

An expanded service offering gives your Workshop the ability to reach more potential customers. The more relevant your Workshop is to customers, the higher the chance is for your Workshop to achieve greater growth and profitability.

Before you decide to expand your Workshops offerings it’s strongly recommended that you evaluate the risks vs reward and consult all the relevant parties. Expanded offerings may not be right for every Workshop.

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3. Automation

Automation is the key to success in 2022. To maximise results, Workshops need to implement tools and systems that automate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks. The best automation tool for Australian Workshops is a Workshop Management Software.

A Workshop Management Software like Workshop Mate automates many daily tasks such as customer bookings, job management, customer reminders, invoicing, and business reporting in the one central application.

The more your Workshop can automate, the more time your shop will have to focus on growth.

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4. Integrated Accounting

Many Workshop owners would already know how frustrating the accounting process is… but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions available that simplify and reduce time-spent on the accounting process.

The best solution for Australian Workshops is Integrated Accounting. Integrated accounting is the process of combining your management system with your accounting system and the transferring of data between the two programs.

The benefit of integrated accounting is financial data automatically syncs from one program to the other once entered – removing duplicate data entry tasks.

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5. Workshop Website

Many Workshops are unaware the impacts a website has on success. In 2021, 81% of Australian Motorists find their next mechanic online. To put it simply, if your Workshop doesn’t have Workshop Website, you could be losing hundreds of customers.

The benefit of having a Workshop Website is customers can find you online, learn about your services and book in their next service or repair without having to call or email. A Workshop Website makes your customers process easy!

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Final Word,

The opportunities available for Australian Workshops are endless. The 5 opportunities mentioned above are a few great current opportunities available to Australian Workshops in 2022.

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