Habits Australian Workshops Need to Break to be More Efficient

07 Dec 2021 Helpful Tips

Let’s face it, we all have certain habits that we do everyday. But did you know that some of your Workshops common habits could be impacting your efficiency?

Here are 5 Habits Australian Workshops Need to Break to be more efficient.

Taking Bookings Manually

How long do you spend on the phone taking Customer Bookings? Taking bookings is a necessary but often time-consuming task that every Australian Workshop needs to do. If your Workshop continues to take bookings over the phone, text or email you are severely impacting your workshops efficiency.

To increase your Workshops efficiency, mechanics need to automate the customer booking process. This best way to automate the customer booking process is by having a Workshop Website. The benefit of having a designated Workshop Website  is customers can book in their next service and repair time without having to call, text or email. Above all else an automates booking process minimises the time you and your mechanics spend on the phone everyday.

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Manual Stock Take

Are you still using spreadsheets or paper systems to manage your stock? To put it simply, if your Workshop is still doing stock take manually, you are wasting hours of time that could have been better used elsewhere.

Think about it, you need to walk around and manually record stock, enter new stock, update current stock numbers, and forecast what stock you need to order in. Sounds exhausting even saying it!

To maximise efficiency, Australian Workshops need to automate stock take through a Workshop Management System like Workshop Mate. The benefit of using a Workshop Management System for Stock take is the system will automatically update your stock as you buy and sell. Reports can be generated in a click of a button, and you can instantly know where your Workshop stands. More importantly it removes the manual stock take habit, giving you so much more time to focus on other more important tasks.

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Chasing Customers

One of the most frustrating tasks for Australian Mechanics is following up with customers. Often when you try to contact a customer you are unable to get through to them the first time. The problem with this is you need to make a note and follow up later.

To increase your Workshop's efficiency, Mechanics need to use a Workshop Management System that has a Customer Reminder Feature.

Using Workshop Mate, Customer Reminders can be automatically sent via SMS or Email to remind customers of a booking completion without you needing to do anything.

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Using Multiple Systems to Manage the Workshop

Many Workshops still use multiple systems to manage different areas of the Workshop. To put it simply, using multiple systems is the most inefficient thing you can do! Think about it, you need to go back and forth between systems to complete simple everyday tasks, sounds crazy when you say it out loud right?

A Workshop Management System centralises your entire Workshop operations into one industry specific management program. As everything is centralised, you and your mechanics won’t need to waste time going back and forth programs to complete simple tasks.

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Final Word,

In conclusion, breaking common habits that you have used for years is extremely tough. But, there are tools available to you that reduce your manual workload, increase your efficiency and maximise growth.

The number 1 tool for Australian Mechanical Workshops to increase efficiency is a Workshop Management System. To learn more about Workshop Mate Mechanical Software keep reading below.

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