5 Reasons Why Your Workshop Needs a Workshop Management Software

16 Feb 2021

If you manage an automotive repair shop, you will certainly be aware of the challenges that come a…

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How To Keep Track of Your Workshop Expenses?

05 Feb 2021

Have you ever struggled to account for missing stock? If you are using manual spreadsheets or out …

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Easyphoto Pro is the latest free app making adding photos of your vehicles and documents fast and easy.

14 Jan 2021

What it is

EasyPhoto Pro is the updated version of Easyphotos. EasyPhoto Pro is available for Fre…

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How To Acquire Customers For Your Automotive Workshop

18 Dec 2020

We are not going to sugarcoat it, acquiring customers can be expensive. With the growing demand fo…

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How To Set Up A Workshop

04 Dec 2020

Starting any business is hard. If you are thinking of starting a mechanic workshop there a many th…

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Statistics show mechanical industry set for massive growth in the next 5 years

24 Sep 2020 Latest Updates

Lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing have severely impacted workshops around the world. H…

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Simplify your entire Capricorn reporting with our exclusive exporting feature

22 Sep 2020 Helpful Tips

Workshop Mate is constantly looking for ways to simplify your workshop operations. Capricorn repor…

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How to deliver a “Wow” customer experience from your Workshop!

29 Jul 2020

How to give WOW customer experience from your workshop

Providing a good car servicing or repair job is only half the battle won. If your customers don’t …

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5 Reasons Why Workshops MUST HAVE A Professional Website Today

29 May 2020

Workshop Websites

You may have spent years building your reputation through word of mouth and referrals. You want to…

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